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Meaningful change requires collective effort. 

Stickering someone else's car isn't for everyone, we totally understand that. If you would like to support End Urban SUVs in other ways, below are some ideas of how you can help.


We need funding in order to continue printing stickers for this action, as well as for further actions as we diversify our advocacy. We chose an ambitious name for a reason. We that know this will be a long-term battle, and will seem far-fetched to some. But we are setting our sights on safe, equitable, and sustainable city transport. We hope that focusing on this issue will help encourage discussion about what that should look like. Right now, the focus of our fundraising will be to print our first set of Emissions Rating bumper stickers. Donations are currently being facilitated by Extinction Rebellion Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. We will accept any amount, but please contact us directly if you wish to set up a larger donation. Please donate via bank transfer with the details below:

Extinction Rebellion Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland 38-9022-0356965-00 Reference: EUSUV

Spread the word

Tell your loved ones about the campaign! Many hands make light work, and you never know who may be keen to lend their voice, time, skills, money, or something else. The responsibility of making change doesn't need to fall on the shoulders of just a select few people. Please also follow and voice your support on our social pages! Instagram: @endurbansuvs Twitter: @endurbansuvs


Do you have a bit of free time and fancy spending some of it on a campaign like this? End Urban SUVs is run by ordinary folks who just wanted to do something about our national SUV obsession, and we would love to get more ordinary (and extraordinary) people on board. Maybe you could distribute some stickers and flyers, or help keep the website up-to-date? Perhaps you're a wizz at social media or know how to navigate local council policy submissions? Maybe you love diving deep into research around urban transport options and environmental impacts of private vehicles? Get in touch! And maybe this campaign isn't really your cup of tea, but you're still thirsty for some environmental action? Check out our About page to see some other organisations working towards similar or complementary environmental and social goals.

Make a suggestion

We are not experts on urban transport, or environmental advocacy, or building websites for grass-roots campaigns. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for us. We are always willing to learn more and we welcome the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

You can contact us at